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‘Doctor Banner, welcome back.’

‘Miss Potts, good morning.’

‘What are you doing in the lobby? You know you can take the private elevator to the Avengers floors.’

‘I-ah I wasn’t sure I was still welcome after being away for so long.’

‘You are always welcome, Bruce. I’m sure Tony will be thrilled to know you’re here. I’m going up now, walk with me?’

‘Of course.’

‘So where were you this time, doctor? Tibet?’

‘Ah-yes. I spent some time in a monastery treating an outbreak of scarlet fever.’

‘The childhood illness?’

‘Yeah, it’s not really common in adults, but it does happen. It took longer than expected to get it under control. Which is why I haven’t been able to come back until now. I – ah – I’m sorry I missed your birthday, I heard it was quite the party.’

‘It was perfect, Tony got to throw a giant party to celebrate the birthday of his CEO and I got to stay home with a glass of wine and a good book.’

‘Hm, sounds perfect indeed. I did get you a present – it made me think of you.’

‘Bruce, there was no need. You know I –‘

‘You – don’t like it? I’m sorry, there was a woman in the village and she poured her own silver pendants. I saw her working and –‘

‘Bruce, it’s beautiful, really. Thank you. I’m just wondering why it made you think of me.’

‘It’s ah – something Tony said.’

‘Ah, Tony.’

‘He said you had a connection with strawberries – are you laughing?’

‘I’m sorry, Bruce, the gift is perfect, really. Help me put it on? – You know, you should ask Tony about the whole story behind the strawberries sometimes.’


‘Thank you for the wonderful gift, Bruce. Please remind Tony that he has an appointment at four. And I’ll be joining you both for dinner. And, Bruce, I’m glad you’re home.’
This is my first entry to :devthisaia:'s short story contest! It's actually also the first time I ever uploaded a story to DA, and the first time ever I did an all dialogue fic. Thisaia's contest was about writing a short story which at least mentions a piece of jewellery, either original or fan fic. This scene kind of popped into my head, just a tiny and funny piece between Bruce and Pepper. I hope I captured their characters a bit... And of course to get the joke you'd have to have seen Iron Man 2... :D

So yeah, what do you think?
We-All-Have-Rabies Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Artist
I need to see Iron Man 2.
Marjolijn-Ashara Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes you do!
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