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Of Wolf and Man, part 1
The mage took off down the dark alley. Apparently the meaning of the term 'freeze' was lost to this guy. Then again, I guess that if you’re a homicidal maniac who killed four people with dark magic you’re not going to be intimidated by a puny human cop. That’s alright, he wouldn’t be the first Dark Sorcerer™ I’d put behind bars.  
I gave chase, following his fluttering deep-purple robes through the meandrous alleyways. He veered off to the right and I followed, barely able to throw myself backwards when a nasty looking spell exploded into a shower of purple sparks on the wall opposite of me, right where I’d been a moment before. It sizzled and popped as a portion of the wall was eaten away. The guy didn't even look back, just kept running. Alright then.
“This is Harper, I’ve got eyes on the suspect,” I spoke into my enchanted headset. “He's heading towards Greenstreet. Be careful, he's slinging spells.”
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Human Curiosity
  “Why? Why didn’t I stay on the ship? I could have just said to the Captain ‘Dammit, Jim, I’m an engineer, not a redshirt!’ But, no! He asked so of course I – “
  “Your shirt seems to be more of an Earth-forest green in hue, and the Captain’s name is Crydrask, not Jim.”
  “I know, Kel’Jar, it’s a human saying – sort of. Point is, I should be back on the ship, surrounded by my beautiful machines and gizmos but instead I’m on this cold, dark planet, walking into this cold, dark, fakakta cave where we’ll get eaten by the no doubt charming wildlife. All because they found some energy signature in said, cold, dark, fakakta cave that might maybe, perhaps, possibly be electronic. How is this my life?”
  “Human-Keira, I would like to join you in acknowledging the difficulties of your life.”
  “Wow, you are the worst at this comfo
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  Joseph paused in front of the huge Gothic church. The high arched windows cast a warm glow onto the cobblestone streets. Heavy red doors stood open and inviting. He should just walk in. Finally find the courage to walk into the warm interior and let the wrath of God burn him to cinders. At least, that's what they said happened to monsters who tried to enter His house. And that's what he was now, wasn't he?
  A monster.
  He was so tired. Tired of roaming, standing in front of another church and trying to convince himself to just end it. Tired of the heartache of leaving his wife and family behind, even though he knew he was protecting them. He could never go home. Not like this.
When he returned from the War to End All Wars, changed, he knew that he would be a danger to his own family. He hadn't even said goodbye, it was better if they thought he died on that cursed battlefield. In a way he had, bleeding out in the muddied trenches after that thing had torn out his thr
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the Fairy Ring
  “Malia?” Tami called as she ran through the rain-slick streets of Haven, “Come on, sweetie, this isn't funny anymore.” If Mother found out she had lost her little sister she was done for. “Malia!” She called again, rounding another corner. She passed a few people but they paid her no heed; in Haven people only cared about their own troubles.
  Rain was still pouring down, turning the drab grey stones of the streets and homes even darker. A spot of colour caught her eye on the end of a dark alleyway. Heart in her throat, she walked towards it. There, between the filth, resting against the Wall that kept the city safe, lay Ophelia, her sister's doll. Gently, Tami picked her up and cradled the doll in her hands. Mother had made that doll, stealing scraps of fancy fabric whenever she made dresses for the rich women in the White District. She ran her thumb over the intricate embroidery on the doll's wings. Something must have happened. Malia w
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Mixed Media Book Box by Marjolijn-Ashara Mixed Media Book Box :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 1 0
Siren's Song
  “Commodore, please, you don't have to do this!” I begged the stoic man standing on deck, his hands clasped tightly behind his back.
  “I'm sorry, miss Courtenay, I'm afraid I must.” His voice sounded truly apologetic, and I might have felt sorry for him and the misfortune that had befallen him and his crew, if not for the fact that he was going to kill me.
  “It's an old wives’ tale,” I tried to argue, “tossing me off your ship won't actually bring you luck. You're a man raised in civility, surely you must know this?” I was getting desperate now, standing on the rickety plank, arms bound behind my back and legs tied together. A heavy stone resting next to me.
  Commodore Harrison was already shaking his head. “If we wish to reach Fort Orange without more dead we must make this sacrifice to Her, to the sea. I truly wish there was another way, Lucia, I truly am sorry.” He looked at me for a moment, ey
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the Sorceress Royal
“Ada, there is someone coming,” Riva said from where she fluttered in front of the window.
I groaned internally, not wanting to lose my concentration. “The wards will get him,” I told her as I carefully added the crushed bellflower petals to the mixture bubbling in my cauldron. A tuft of purple smoke poured out and onto my worktable. I smiled. This particular spell had taken four hours to prepare, I would not have some hopeful muck it up.
“Ada,” Riva started again, hesitantly, “he's already passed the outer wards. It looks like he's getting ready to climb the tower.”
The purple haze of my spell flickered for a moment as I took that in.
No, focus.
It doesn't matter that he crossed the outer wards, I told myself sternly, nobody has ever made it inside. The spell solidified again as I raised my hands towards it, now as a tiny ball of bright purple light.
“Suza,” I called out, hoping he would listen, “would you be a dear and
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the Enchanted Baker
  “Er, Steve, why is there a dragon in your fridge?”
  I shrugged and looked up from the tiny fondant flower I was trying to put onto the smallest chocolate cake I'd ever made. “It was hot.” I told Jake.
  “The detail is amazing, man. How did you get the scales so shiny?” He asked.
  “He's not a – I wouldn't do that -” I warned but was already too late.
  Jake yelped and staggered back a step, “Dude! That thing is alive!”
  The bunny-sized dragon chose that moment to climb out of the fridge and make its way over to Jake.
  “Well, yeah.” I told my friend, trying not to laugh as he backed away from my new pet.
  “Okay,” Jake invited, now pressed with his back against the kitchen bar, “care to elaborate?”
  “So, remember that weird dude that hired me a couple weeks ago? The guy claiming to be a mage?” I waited for his nod to continu
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Get Happy Art Journal page by Marjolijn-Ashara Get Happy Art Journal page :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 3 0
Human Care
  “Get. In. There. You. Momzer piece of. Shtik,” I grunted as I tried to kick the fuel injector for the atmo-thrusters back into place. I overbalanced at the last one, falling onto the floor on my back. On the bright side, the injector snapped into place with a satisfying clunk.
  I stayed there for a moment, catching my breath when a shadow fell over me. Looking up, I saw an indigo-and-grey face looking down at me in worry. “Oh, hey, Kel’Jarr,” I greeted him.
  “Human-Keira,” he seemed to pause for a moment, “hey.” He continued hesitantly.
  I tried not to smile at how awkward he returned the human greeting, but it was a lost cause.    
  “Why are you currently on the floor?” he continued, “Are you injured?”
  “Nah, I’m fine. I was just in a fight with the fuel injector. I won,” I grinned at him, rolling to my feet.
  Kel’Jarr looked at the
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Death's Diner
I met Death in a small ‘50s-style diner in the middle of a desert.
  He didn't seem surprised to see me, I mean, why would he. He just pushed the extra slice of lemon pie in front of him over to me and gestured for me to sit down.
  “Hello again, old friend.” I greeted him as I slid onto the cracked red leather bench. “It's been a while.”
  He looked up at that, his weathered face incredulous. “I wouldn't call two months 'a while', Tana,” he admonished with a quirk of his lips.
  I opened my mouth to respond when a waitress appeared at our table.
  “Anything else I can get you guys?” she asked.
  Death sat back and smoothed out the front of his charcoal-and-black business suit. “Two coffees please, Rosie, and she'll have the Scottish chocolate pancakes, extra side of bacon,” he nodded towards me.
  I raised an eyebrow at him, I wasn’t much of a fan of breakfast foods and he knew i
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Splashing Mermaid card by Marjolijn-Ashara Splashing Mermaid card :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 1 2
The rage burned in my stomach, the taste of revenge like blood on my tongue. The forest was filled with the sounds of battle, the screams of our oppressors. Although they were greater in number, the forest was on our side tonight.
  I spotted him then, my prey. My vision blurred red as I advanced on him, the rest of the world falling away. It felt like I was about to burst out of my skin, like the fire inside was consuming me. Burning away all that made me sane. A feral grin spread on my face as I embraced the fire, embraced the madness. “Relanius!” I called.
  The man before me turned to face me. For a moment, his face looked like that of a demon, evil curling around him in tendrils of shadow.
  “You will pay with your blood for what you did to my sister, to my people,” I growled. “I swear it!”
  “You cannot win this, Noor!” He called back. “This little rebellion will be struck down, just like the rest of your p
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Cattitude painting by Marjolijn-Ashara Cattitude painting :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 3 1 Writer Canvas Card by Marjolijn-Ashara Writer Canvas Card :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 2 1 Watercolour feathers card by Marjolijn-Ashara Watercolour feathers card :iconmarjolijn-ashara:Marjolijn-Ashara 3 2


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Marjolijn 'Ashara'
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


Hello and welcome! I’m Marjolijn, a 30-year-old artist, writer, crafter, and retail professional residing in the Netherlands. I live in an awesome little house together with my husband and our two monsters/cats named Loki and Eris. {pro tip; don’t name your cats after Gods of chaos…} My day job is inspiring and advising people in one of the biggest arts-and-crafts stores in the Netherlands, and when I come home I continue on crafting and seeking creative inspiration.

{random fun fact; my name, Marjolijn, is a variant of the Dutch word Marjolein, meaning Marjoram. The herb Marjoram means ‘forever happy’ in flower language}


Well crafting of course! That’s what brought you here, didn’t it? But there is a lot more to me than just making shiny things. I’m a dirt-worshipping, tree-hugging, geeky gal who enjoys being in nature as much as she can. I’m obsessed with anything science fiction or fantasy and if it has dragons or fairies in it, that’s usually enough to make me happy! I have a pinterest addiction that I refuse to seek help for and spend a lot of my free time researching history, mythology, and old religions. If something has a galaxy or a Union Jack on it, I usually need to have it, even though I’m neither an astronaut or British (unfortunately).
I love making things for my friends and family, putting a lot of love, energy, and thought into making something that’s especially for them; focussing on what they love and incorporating that into whatever I’m making. This is what I mean when I say everything at Marjolijn Makes is handmade with heart.


Ever since I was a little girl who wrote her first short story {about vampires, how adorable!} I’ve dreamed of becoming a writer. Then I discovered drawing and wanted to be an artist. After that came jewellery and costume parts and teaching classes on crafting and natural spirituality. But there was a dissonance. I kept trying to keep the different pieces of myself; my geeky part, my spiritual part, my girly part, my artistic part, separated. Needless to say that didn’t work. So my dream is to tumble all of these together. To finally step forward and say; this is me. All of me. This is what I create and what I love.
But I don’t want it to stop there. That sentence can continue; …and here’s how you can do it too. I dream of inspiring people, of sharing skills with one another, of empowering you to make and find what you really love!

So come on! Join me and let’s make some stuff! {you know you want to}

Got a question or just want to send me a little hello? I’d love to hear from you! Visit my website or contact me at marjolijnmakes{at}!

  • Listening to: bad 80s music
  • Reading: Wonderbook by Jeff vanderMeer
  • Watching: the Expanse
  • Playing: Star Realms
  • Drinking: COFFEE


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